Being a Developer basically makes you a Magician


Before you doubt the premise, hear me out. I’m versed on Magicians from Sabrina to Harry Potter and I can’t help but draw comparisons between their experiences and my own as a developer. We walk among Humans that have no idea what spells we are casting. It’s a limited group of people that know what you are actually doing. Some people have never understood a wand to transfer some of that magic. Well the same can be said for Terminals and Text editors.

My mom sent me this photo thinking someone was up to no good…it was a text editor. Spells! A few magical words in HTML….You can make words appear on your computer. A little eye of newt Pizaaaa(CSS) a beautiful green background. Oh yes we’re not done we can make that levitate, save, hide, appear with few more magic words. Not to mention we can control your nest temperature with a click!

Covens going to Battle The people you work with constantly pulling and pushing code to make MAGIC, sounds like a Coven to me!! Not to mention the Good Witch v. Bad Witch dynamic mirrors the White Hat v. Black Hat hackers.

Code on, Kitties!